Transition Fortnight at Norham - "a unique experience"


"transition fortnight is absolutely fantastic for both myself and my child"

"by the time September comes around there is no apprehension about starting high school"

"I was really nervous about starting high school but I had so much fun during transition and made so many new friends"


For a flavour of  events browse a sample schedule below:


Here at Norham we understand how very important the transition between primary and secondary school is to you and your child.  Norham is very unique in as much as we offer a Transition Fortnight during the last two weeks of the summer term to alleviate any stress or anxiety your child may feel about moving to high school in September.  We work very hard to make the transition as easy and exciting as possible with a range of activities based around team building during the first week.  Once friends are established and your child is settled we move to a more traditional second week where we engage in more classroom based activities where further bonding into the Norham family is cemented as your child will be working with other pupils from their form class.