Norham Communication Resource Base

Norham High School has an Additionally Resourced Provision for pupils with Language and Communication difficulties, including those pupils who are on the Autistic Spectrum. Norham have funded provision for 25 pupils, there are currently 25 pupils on roll.

Most pupils transfer from primary schools at the usual transition points but a small number of pupils transfer to Norham CRB having experienced difficulties in other mainstream high schools in North Tyneside, this can happen at any point throughout the year.


 Curriculum Offer

Inclusion is of the upmost importance at Norham High School. Those pupils who can socially, emotionally and academically cope with the demands of a mainstream curriculum are supported to do so. Some pupils find this experience too challenging and require a higher, more autistic specific, approach to education which is delivered within the CRB. Some pupils access some lessons in the main school and others in the CRB. Timetables are personal to the specific needs of each pupil. Pupil progress is reviewed on a weekly basis.

The curriculum offer is reviewed on an annual basis and amended to meet the specific needs of the cohort of pupils.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Some pupils in the CRB have difficulties with basic literacy and these pupils access Read, Write, Inc. either instead of or in addition to the English Curriculum. This is responsive to the specific SEN needs of the pupils.

Pupils are taught Maths by stage rather than age, pupils complete a pre and post-test to assess progress through the modules of study. Some pupils require further differentiation, these pupils use Numicon, Power of 2 Numeracy, Success@Arithmetic and Success@Number numeracy programmes.

Key Stage 3 pupils also work towards the completion of short courses in History, Geography and Beliefs and Values. These modules are engaging, achievable and are accredited through the CoPE certification which pupils achieve at the end of Key Stage 4.

CRB pupils need to be given opportunities to express themselves in ways which do not rely on language. The curriculum offer therefore includes creative and practical subjects including: Art, PE, ICT, Music and Food Technology.

The development Life Skills is a focus of the CRB curriculum. Pupils are taught to develop their independent living skills in preparation for Post 16 life. Pupils follow ASDAN’s Personal, Social Development programme which includes modules focusing on:  healthy eating, independent travel and managing money. These modules contribute towards the ASDAN PSD accreditation.

Developing pupils Oracy skills is also a focus of our curriculum offer and such is delivered through our Social Skills programme and through Philosophy 4 Children lessons. Pupils follow Talkabout for Teenagers which develops pupil self-awareness and self-esteem followed by communication, body language, conversation and assertiveness.


Key stage 4 Curriculum

There are a small number of pupils who, by year 10, are still unable to access the mainstream curriculum. These pupils experience many barriers to learning such as ADHD and Dyslexia as well as Cognition and Learning Difficulties alongside ASD or other Language and Communication difficulties. These pupils require a curriculum which meets their social, emotional and academic needs as well as preparing them to become independent adults in the post 16 world.


• 2 mornings per week of alternative provision at the Moving on Project

• English- AQA Step up to English (Entry Level Certificate)

• Maths- AQA Entry Level or GCSE depending upon ability to access

• CoPE- Level 1 and 2

• ASDAN Science Short Course (delivered through COPE)

• ASDAN Computing Short Course

• 2x PE lessons

• Independent Living - Cookery


Break and Lunch Support

"Teachers and teaching assistants have a detailed knowledge of pupil's needs" Ofsted May 2016

At Norham High School we understand that breaks and lunchtimes can be difficult for some pupils. To support pupils at this time we offer full support for our CRB pupils during breaks and lunchtimes.

Pupils are supervised in the dining hall and afterwards. Pupils can play games, use the computer or play outdoor games supervised by familiar staff. Staff also run clubs around speifici interests i.e. Arts and Crafts.  

Pupil and Parent Views

"I can't believe the progress my son has made.  When he started in Year 7 I would never have dreamed he would be sitting GCSEs"  - Year 11 parent

“The support I receive from the CRB staff is excellent.  I know I can pick up the phone with any problem and they will help."  - Year 10 parent

"My son has settled so well.  He has made new friends and has made good progress towards developing his social skills."  Year 7 parent

“I wasn’t sure at first because my son has been out of a mainstream school for so long but sending my son to Norham is the best decision I have made. I can’t believe he will access some lessons in the mainstream this year.” - Year 8 parent

"I always feel supported.  If I need help I know where to go to get it." - Year 10 pupil


Impact of the CRB - KS4

CRB pupils follow a personalised curriculum that meets their own specific needs.  Over the last three years 100% of pupils who have been entered for Entry Level and ASDAN qualifications have passed with Level 2.  This is equivalent to a GCSE grade B.

In 2018:

  • 100% of pupils passed GCSE Photography with a Grade 4 or above
  • 100% of pupils who were entered for COPE passed with a Level 2
  • 100% of pupils entered for Step up to English passed and achieved their qualification
  • 25% of pupils CRB pupils achieved a Grade 5 GCSE in Maths

In 2018 100% of pupils left Norham with a Post 16 destination to follow an appropriate course. 75% of pupils’ accessed college and 25% accessed a 6th form provision.


Impact of the CRB - KS3

Pupils in Key Stage 3 are supported to access the curriculum in the wider school where possible and are otherwise supported inside the CRB department.  Alongside studying traditional academic subjects pupils follow ASDAN PSD (Life Skills).  This course has been very successful in preparing pupils for KS4 by developing their social and communication skills.