Oracy at Norham


Here at Norham, we believe that every child deserves the chance to find his or her voice.


That’s why we offer a range of opportunities to help pupils to develop the vital skill of ‘oracy’.


Oracy is the ability to communicate well, when you speak.


Good oracy skills help you to be heard and understood, by a range of audiences. Good oracy skills can also help pupils to learn and achieve.


Employers put good oral communication at the top of their requirements, and research has found that good oracy leads to improved thinking and a deeper understanding of subjects.


What we offer every pupil


Tutor time, where pupils will practise oracy skills.


Classroom teaching, where pupils will have a variety of learning experiences using oracy across a range of subjects.


Philosophy for children, which will provide opportunities for pupils to talk about moral issues in depth.


Extra curricular activities, where pupils will develop their team work.


Whole school opportunities, like student council and student voice, where pupils can feedback their experiences and suggestions.


Assemblies, which focus on oracy.


We will also be celebrating and reporting to parents on oracy across the year, including ‘oracy praise’ postcards that will be sent home. Children will also be able to earn house points and certificates for their oracy.


At the end of the year, there’ll be a special celebration day, where pupils will deliver speeches without notes to an audience of parents, teachers and other pupils.