In our school we want learning to be fun, engaging, motivating and relevant, with pupils of all abilities being stretched, challenged and supported.
What happens in classrooms has a fundamental impact on the life chances of children and it is our responsibility to get it right.  

Key Principles – what we believe about good teaching


  • There is no ceiling to achievement – intelligence can be developed and we can learn to learn.
  • Every pupil has the right to be successful and the ability to make good progress.
  • Every pupil must be shown what to do in order to improve and how to do it.
  • Consistency of experience is vital – children should have the same high quality learning experience in every classroom in the school.


Every member of staff is a leader of learning at Norham High School. We pride ourselves on our success - which is the result of every member of staff working together - with a commitment to providing the very best for our pupils.