Meet the staff

Mrs Jenna Rouse - History Teacher and SLT Lead Practitioner

Mr Darin Lamb - History Teacher and Assistant Headteacher


Subject overview
We believe that Humanities subjects are essential for pupils’ development as they help young people to be aware of the past, understand the present and improve the future. Through the teaching of Humanities subjects we strive to instil in pupils an enthusiasm for learning which will help them to achieve their potential in school and beyond.
The study of History helps young people to:
•    develop a knowledge of past events both locally and internationally and an understanding of how they have shaped the present day
•    explore the changing roles of individuals and groups, the impact they had and continue to have on society
•    study periods of History in depth understanding the links between cause and consequence
•    develop a range of useful skills such as evaluation, analysis and reaching balanced conclusions.

Pupils will study the following: -

Year 7

Autumn One- Historical Skills and enquiry based learning

Autumn Two- Middle Ages 1050-1450

Spring One- Middle Ages 1050-1450

Spring Two- War of the Roses and Tudors

Summer One- 1450- 170- The Golden Age?

Summer Two- Enquiry based learning, Industrial revolution


Year 8
Autumn One - 1750-1900 Riot and Revolt, Crime and Medicine

Autumn Two - WWI and life on the Western Front

Spring One - Inter war years, Rise of Hitler, WWII

Spring Two - Holocaust, Cold war and Civil Rights movement

Summer One - Life in Britain post WWII- welfare state and local study


GCSE (from September 2019 onwards)
Year 9
Medicine 1250 - Present Day

Year 10
Autumn One - Medicine on the Western Front
Autumn Two -  Weimar and Nazi Germany
Spring Term - Weimar and Nazi Germany
Summer Term - Elizabeth I

Year 11
Autumn Term - American West
Spring and Summer Term - Exam Practise and retrieval.

Revision links for GCSE course
BBC Bitesize - useful for most topics although check with your teacher as not all content is relevant

How can parents support their child’s progress in this subject?
•    Homework is an essential tool to enable students to achieve. History pupil in KS4 will receive homework every week. Please check books and ClassCharts to support your children to meet all deadlines.

•    At KS4, all students will have PLC’s (Personalised Learning Checklists) to direct their revision, close their knowledge gaps and ensure they practise their skills deficits. Please use these with your child to support their progress at GCSE.

Extra-Curricular Activities
There are a range of educational visits planned to support both KS3 and KS4 learning. We welcome local Historians into school to bring different dimensions to the learning experience of our children at Norham. The Time Bandits are regular visitors. Our recent year 7 WWI Commemoration Project involved two visits to the local library, working with actors and meeting the nephew of a WWI veteran as well as visits to local museums to see our work on display. At KS4, two of our history students visited the Battlefields in Belgium last year and three more have visited this year. We also have KS3 visits to Newcastle Keep  planned and a KS4 visit to the Thackeray museum in Leeds will support their thematic medicine unit,