23 October 2015

Past and present pupils at Norham High School, in North Shields, came together for a large urban artwork after being invited by chairman of governors, David Bavaird, to brighten up the area.

Ten Year 7 pupils worked with Mike Burgess, of the Phoenix Detached Youth Project, to draw up designs to brighten a fence near the Old Low Light.

And last month they started work on the site using a wide variety of spray cans – being taught how to use them by the former pupils.

Norham students Tina Campbell and Jenna Sams said: “It was an amazing experience. Hopefully we can be involved further in the future.”

A school spokesman said: “I’m very proud of what our Year 7 pupils have achieved. We gave them complete creative freedom and left the vast majority of teaching to the two ex-students.”

“It was fascinating watching them work together and produce such great work.”