14 January 2016

On Thursday 14th January, pupils in year 9, 10 and 11 got a fantastic insight into joining our Armed forces thanks to the British Army. Despite the Snow causing chaos around the North East, pupils were a lot more organised understanding how to march and stand to attention at the beginning of a cold day. The day involved a number of problem solving activities, often problems having far simpler solutions than the group first thought. The tasks were great fun but put a real emphasis on the confidence of their own skills and abilities. A great insight into army life was experiencing eating on patrol. Pupils were able to sample the delicious 24 hour ration packs and understand how a soldier produces a hot meal in minutes. Pupils were able to sample a number of different Items from the packs including, cereal bars, oat cakes, tuna, nuts and many more items from different pouches. Alongside food sampling pupils were able to look at some pieces of equipment soldiers are expected to carry during patrol. Pupils got an understanding how to carry weapons on patrol and to be prepared for combat in the event of contact with the enemy. Pupils were drilled into understanding key words and phrases used in combat. They took these skills to a very snow covered, icy and muddy field and put them into practice in a large environment. Pupils responded to commands to dive face down on freezing cold field in order to protect themselves giving them a fantastic insight into going on patrol. All in all a fantastic day had by our Pupils.