3 February 2016

Year 11 pupils at Norham High School are celebrating success in their iGCSE English Language exams, which they sat in November. The results were OUTSTANDING, exceeding local and national targets. 83% of the twenty two pupils who sat their exams achieved their target grade, with 44% achieving grades above their target. 64% of the pupils achieved A*-C grades, putting these pupils well above the national average. Bethany Saint, who achieved a B grade, said “I’m really pleased with my result. My target was an E and I have achieved three grades higher; it proves that all that hard work is worth it. I now feel confident in being able to achieve high grades in my other subjects in the summer”. Mrs Thomas, Head of English, said “We are extremely proud of our pupils' achievements in English. Both staff and pupils put a great deal of time and effort into the early entry. As a consequence of this, the pupils have made exceptional progress, and attained some excellent results.”


These outstanding results are the culmination of several months of hard work on the part of Year 11 and their teachers. Since September, Year 11 pupils have stayed in school for an extra hour, known as ‘Period 6’, every day. This has allowed teachers to run extra revision classes and coursework intervention sessions so that every pupil can achieve their potential. Pupils have also attended classes during school holidays to help them develop their exam skills in English and maths. “The pupils have been fantastic” said Mr Lamb, KS4 Progress Leader. “They have shown real dedication in their willingness to do so much extra work, as have their teachers. It is now really starting to pay off”.


With such good results, the sky’s the limit for Year 11 as they start to prepare for their final GCSE exams.