29 September 2016

Our school is set to take part in Naked Teaching Day, a national initiative that will see staff teach without their usual resources in order to highlight the difficulties faced by educators in less developed countries.

Our teachers have been challenged to deliver a lesson without any support at all – which means no whiteboards, worksheets, textbooks or even writing tools.

The exercise aims to raise awareness of children around the world who attend schools in slums or refugee camps, helping staff and pupils to imagine what it would be like to teach and learn in a school stripped bare of any resources.

The day has been organised by the UK charity World Wide Education Project, which supports education in developing countries and disaster zones through services such as exporting redundant educational furniture and equipment for reuse abroad, and schools up and down the UK are expected to take part.

Assistant Headteacher Jo Lamb said: “Our staff were really keen to get involved with this initiative, and I’m really pleased we’re able to support it.

“As part of our commitment to teaching British values at Norham we want our pupils to understand tolerance, respect and individual liberty. With this in mind, we are passionate about participating in events that heighten awareness about the needs of disadvantaged children in both national and global communities.

“Our staff have developed some really imaginative and innovative ideas for delivering their lessons, and it’s set to be a really interesting day.”

You can follow our naked teaching antics on Twitter @norhamhigh throughout the day.