25 November 2016

National Takeover Day, organised by the Office for the Children’s Commissioner, offers children across the country the chance to work alongside adults and get involved in decision-making in a wide range of organisations. North Tyneside Council for the sixth year running organised for local high school pupils throughout the borough to takeover different roles within the council for the day. Norham had ten such pupils who had a brilliant time experiencing so challenging roles.

On Thursday 24th November Norham held its own Takeover Day and pupils were able to apply for various positions around the school by completing an appllication form and submitting it for scrutiny.  Thirty pupils were successful in their applications taking over jobs from School Receptionist to Assistant Headteacher and from Site Management to a host of teaching positions.

Assistant Head Mr Harris said "It was an amazing day. I had two girls from year 8 working alongside me and they certainly did themselves proud. They planned and delivered part of our assembly to start the day and then went on from strength to strength with their energy and commitment".

Well done to Mrs Pearson-Gent for organinsing such an amazing two days.