24 November 2017

On the 24th of November 2017 here at Norham we had Takeover Day! Pupils from years 7 and 8 got the chance to takeover a teachers job for the day. Some of the jobs included; 

Assistant Head Teacher , Head of School, Art assistant, Music teacher, Kitchen duties, P.E Teacher,Caretaker and Reception Duties to name but a few. The job I was chosen for was Communications Officer. This involved managing all the schools social Media and website content. This included tweeting photographs throughout the day, posting on facebook how all the jobs were going and updating the website.To do this I had to take photos using a professional camera, learn how to use the school social media software and the school website and obviously writing this article. When I discovered I had got the job, I felt like nothing could ruin my day, I was so happy! I have had an outstanding day and I hope to do this again next year.

Article written by Brooklyn Downey