23 August 2018

Pupils enjoyed the red carpet treatment at a special ‘Hall of Fame’ themed event, which celebrated their highlights and best moments at Norham over the last five years.

The pupils were also treated to drinks and snacks as a reward for their efforts throughout their GCSE studies.

David Baldwin, Executive Headteacher at Norham High School, said: “We think it’s really important to make GCSE results day special for each and every pupil, in recognition of the hard work they’ve put into preparing for their GCSEs over two years, particularly during the examination period.

“GCSEs can be very challenging for some pupils and results day can be a nerve-wracking and emotional day for many. We’ve made results morning into a celebration event at Norham, as a way of rewarding our pupils for their effort and hard work.

“I’d like to congratulate our pupils on their results and thank everyone who has been involved in supporting them throughout their time at Norham High School, including staff, parents and carers.”

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