24 September 2018

Norham and Churchill pupils have recently taken part in a three session World War 1 project in association with North Tyneside Libraries. The first session held at North Shields Library was based on search and discover. The pupils had to use their information retrieval skills to find out as much information as possible about a man called Victor Mercer who lived in North Shields and was in the First World War.  The pupils used Census information, photographs of family and streets as well as local maps from the time to collate their findings. To end the first session the pupils were amazed to meet 96 year old Harold Mercer, nephew of the man they had been researching, Victor Mercer. Harold was in the RAF in World War 2 and told stories of his life as well as informing the pupils of Victor and his life.

Week two was again at North Shields Library, but this time the pupils took part in a question and answer session with an actor who played a World War One soldier. This was a great interactive session and the pupils found out some really interesting information.

The final session was in Norham Art Department where all pupils came up with a design for a commemorative mug. Three winners were selected by the pupils themselves and these will be made into real mugs which will be displayed in the exhibition called Hearts at Peace: How WWI changed people's live in North Tyneside, which is on at Segedunum until May 2019.