31 October 2018

Great North Run Millionth Finisher Tracey Cramond has visited Norham High School to launch a special science project looking at what it takes to compete in the world’s biggest half-marathon.
Tracey spoke to Year 7 pupils, as they prepared to start work exploring the science behind what takes to complete the Great North Run.
The project - which has been specially designed for Norham High School - is completely unique to the region.
It will see pupils spending time working with experts from Newcastle University’s Open Lab, TyneMet College, St John’s Ambulance and North Shields Polytechnic Running club, to investigate the science behind long-distance running. 
Their explorations will include circulation in the body of a runner, movement of the muscles and joints, athletic nutrition, the human skeleton and gas exchange in the body.
As part of the project, they’ll visit North Shields Polytechnic Running Club to carry out track tests to measure frictional forces on running shoes, as well as interview runners at the club.
They’ll also spend time with St John’s Ambulance volunteers to find out about the support they deliver to runners along the challenging 13.1 mile Great North Run route – as well as learning some first aid techniques themselves.
The pupils will also work with academics from Newcastle University’s Open Lab, using fitness trackers as part of their research. They’ll then spend time using science facilities at TyneMet College to carry out investigations.
At the end of their work, the children will create their own profile of a long-distance runner, to illustrate and explain the physical, biological and psychological factors that combine when a runner undertakes a half-marathon or marathon.
Great North Run Millionth Finisher Tracey Cramond, said: “It was great to meet pupils from Norham High School as they embark on this exciting project. I’m really pleased to support this work, and hope I’ve been able to offer the pupils some useful insights into what it takes to complete the Great North Run. It’s fantastic to see the pupils so enthusiastic about their own health and wellbeing. Hopefully this project will inspire many of them to attempt the Great North Run in the future!”
David Baldwin, Executive Headteacher at Norham High School, added: “At Norham, we continually strive to offer unique and highly engaging learning opportunities for all of our pupils. This Great North Run project will allow our children to explore challenging scientific concepts, through the lens of the Great North Run. This will enable them to put their learning into practice within a real context, which will really support their understanding.
“We are extremely lucky to have some brilliant partners working with us on this project, helping to expand our pupils’ learning.”