4 December 2018

After the amazing donation of £10,000 from the Taryn Electra Foundation in America for our fleet of new bikes, a decision was made on where our bike hub would be.  The location was a rundown old room within the school building that had the potential to be somewhere great for our pupils to leave their bikes on a daily basis and for our fleet of bikes to be secured and maintained.

We decided to take six year 9 boys from a GCSE Art class and team them up with the Phoenix Detached Youth Project to come up with a design for the hub. This they done with ex pupil Kristian Knudsen who is a brilliant graffiti artist.

The boys then spent two days spraying their designs onto the walls to show where the Norham Bike Club go cycling.  The designs were the Tyne Bridge, St Mary’s Lighthouse, The Priory and a Norham branded wall.

Luke from the PDYP was so impressed with the work the year 9 pupils done as this was there first time doing Graffiti art.  Have a look of the images in our gallery.