26 November 2015

Norham desperate to help "My Daniel"

Daniel, mum Stacey with Bobbie and her supportive friends and staff at Norham.

23 October 2015

Collingwood Primary meet The Time Bandits

Brilliant day with Year 6 pupils here at Norham. Fantastic effort by Collingwood pupils with regard to their costumes.

23 October 2015

Pupils help to brighten up Fish Quay

Students have added a splash of colour during a project on North Shields Fish Quay.

19 October 2015

Collingwood Prize Winners

Collingwood pupils were delighted with their prizes from Open Evening.

25 September 2015

Open event

22 September 2015

Open event

9 July 2015

Message from the Chair of Governors

Changes to the Senior Leadership team and confirmation of key dates for the next year.