Government guidance on schools changed on the evening of Wednesday 18th March 2020

Please keep checking back for updates from Norham High School


A message from the Head Teacher    22/03/2020 08:00

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Dear Parents / Carers


Please find below, guidance for students working at school AND for students working from home




I would first like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your patience, support and understanding in these challenging times.



If your child has been given the opportunity to work in school during this period, it will be reviewed on a fortnightly basis so that we can guarantee the safety of your child.


It is important that parents and carers understand that the usual expectations apply with regards to school life, including punctuality, uniform, equipment and absence. 

Trainers are required in a school bag for days when we may deliver sports or “a mile a day” so please bring trainers each day and PE kit on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


  • All children should enter school through the main reception from 8.00am onwards.

  • All children must attend from at least 8.50am - 3.10pm for lessons. These will support children in completing the work packs. As such, children MUST bring their work packs to school each day.

  • School is open 8.00am - 4.00pm - the additional time (eg 8.00am - 8.50am) is a breakfast club for any child attending and an afterschool club (3.10pm - 4.00pm) to support parents / carers with child care. If you require further support / extended hours, please let us know.

  • Break time is 11.15am - 11.40am (fruit will be provided for free to all children, we also hope to provide milk to all)

  • Lunch is 12.40 - 1.10pm, we provide lunch for free school meals (see below)

  • While children will be supported to complete work packs in a range of lessons, we have also planned a range of fun and exciting activities to support our children, this includes bakery classes (so all children will learn how to make bread- and bring this home!), athletics competitions, orienteering, cycle maintenance, crime scene challenges etc - please check Facebook for more info.

  • All pupils who do NOT receive a free school meal must bring a packed lunch as the kitchen is closed for production of free school meals for every child in our community - these will be distributed by local primary schools etc, not by our school. Those who receive a free school meal will have lunch provided each day and we intend to deliver lunches to children entitled to this who are not attending school.

  • Absence must be reported to school in the usual way each morning, stating the reason for absence

  • All Government guidance still applies, regarding possible Coronavirus infection. You may be contacted if your child needs to be collected from school


Please inform us if you no longer require a place for your child in school to allow us to amend our records. 


A small team of staff will be in school each day to supervise the pupils alongside this our school office will be manned during 7.45am - 4.00pm. Please continue to visit our school website and additional media sites, such as Facebook, which will give regular updates. 


Pupils in school will follow a similar schedule as those learning from home but with additional fun activities. Class charts will continue to be used by staff and viewed by parents /  carers and some additional activities will be offered during the afternoon.




Work packs will continue to be uploaded onto Classcharts and printed where possible. 

These will be in reception at the display stand for collection each fortnight. 

Please also note, each child will receive a phone call from their tutor each week just to see how they are and offer any support or resolve issues that we can help with, whether this is to do with school work or personal concerns- this is critical to showing children we are STILL here for them as their community school. 


Finally I would like to wish you all the best during this period and urge you to follow Government advice so that you and your family stay safe and well.


Don't forget, parents /carers can message or even call me (Norham Head) via the Facebook messager app on urgent matters and email me at: 


Mr Conway 

Head Teacher 


A message from the Head Teacher    20/03/2020 14:24

Thank you for notifying us if you require your child to attend school.

If you have not already contacted us

we will presume your child will be at home from

Monday 23rd March 2020


A message from the Head Teacher    20/03/2020 07:30am

The Department for Education has published a list of “key workers” whose children will be prioritised for schooling during general closures because of Coronavirus. Schools are being asked to continue to provide care for a number of children but will be closed to the majority from Monday 23 March 2020.


If your work is critical to the COVID-19 response, or you work in one of the critical sectors and you cannot keep your child safe at home then your children will be prioritised for education provision.


A list of key workers can be found by following this link:

Official Guidance on KEY WORKERS

Or by using this simple PDF

Government guidance on KEY WORKERS


Please let us know if you fall into one of these categories no later than

12pm today (FRIDAY) by contacting main reception on 0191 814 3890


Extra information for Parents/Carers on the closure of Schools on the site below



Look after each other and take care all, we will get through this.



A message from the Head Teacher    19/03/2020 1pm

Good afternoon all,

As you will be aware we have not heard anything else from the government since last night (5pm) and so like everyone else, await instructions -

I will let you know new information as I hear it.


Currently our food bank is growing and we will share information shortly about how families will be able to access this - please remember, this has been completely funded by your incredible staff and represents a tremendous effort!!!


Please also be aware... we are on our way out NOW to deliver lunches to all children who are entitled to a "Free School Meal", this is critical as we must try our very best to feed children who may rely on a Free School Meal as being the main meal of the day.

Your Free School Meal will be a lunch bag containing a sandwich, drink and biscuit or fruit.


Please note, we are delivering these with work packs at the same time, any work packs not delivered today will be delivered tomorrow personally by our amazing staff.


Look after each other and take care all.


A message from the Head Teacher   from 18/03/2020 8pm

Good evening, in the wake of further news from the government, we find ourselves facing challenging and uncertain times.

The news shared with every Head Teacher, and the rest of the country, took us all by surprise due to the challenges it presents.

However, other Heads who I have spoken to, like me, want to try our very best to protect the most vulnerable - and we will!!


That said, the way in which we all run schools will now significantly change for the time being.

I had almost every member of amazing staff in today and still lots of our incredible pupils but it would appear that we have been

INSTRUCTED to close our doors to the majority for the time being.


What we know:

Schools will close... But NOT to all.


Like Norham, many schools will remain open to pupils who have significant needs (EHCP) and other small groups of vulnerable pupils that need our help and stability.


It is also likely to remain open for OUR children of "key workers" - Boris will announce who these vital people are, but they are likely to include NHS staff, delivery drivers, shop workers etc- this is critical to the running of the country and well being of the nation.

I support this as my team will provide great care to these children for the good of us all, we need to help these key workers help keep the country running.


Families/children in isolation must NOT attend EVEN IF they are children of key workers.


All staff will attend as normal, unless isolated, and will provide the best education and care to those still attending our school.


We will endeavour to support our children, families and community - we will go above and beyond because you all deserve that!

You have my teams pledge to try and support you all as much as this amazing team can!

For example, today a number of staff put their hands in their pockets to buy food for children / families who could go hungry - we are building a food bank now!!

I can assure you, staff organised this before I even asked - this shows you all how much they care for our children!


We will continue to plan learning experiences and try to provide feedback on work sent in via email as much as we can (details to follow)


Please be assured, we will run the school the best we can to help all and my team and I will make every effort to keep our children and families safe, fed and educated.


More will follow from me as we plan a range of actions based on pupil attendance and staff availability.


Take care all.

Terry  Conway

Norham Head


A message from the Head Teacher   from 17/03/2020

Good morning,

Here at Norham we take great pride in maintaining the high standards of education we have secured in recent months. The progress the school and pupils have made is nothing short of exceptional and during these unprecedented times we, like all schools, wish to maintain standards.

To make you aware, attendance at Norham was among the highest, if not the highest in the Local Authority yesterday thus demonstrating just how much our pupils enjoy coming to our fabulous school for their education.

As such, we have plans to support children who either fall ill or are forced to isolate following new government guidance issued yesterday evening.

These include:

  • All lessons from today onwards will be uploaded to Classcharts so that any pupil absent from school can access their lessons and thus maintain their excellent education – this is expected to continue until further notice (
  • All Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils have been purchased revision guides and matching work books, these have been prepared and collated so that each pupil can take these home today (Tuesday 17/03/2020). Should a year 9, 10 or 11 pupil already be off, we will endeavour to deliver these to your door, otherwise, please contact main reception to arrange how you can collect these.

(Please see the photograph of high quality, fully funded materials we are distributing)

  • Work packs and projects are being prepared for Year 7 and 8 pupils and are in the process of being printed ready for distribution on Wednesday 18th of March – we intend for these to then be uploaded to Classcharts on a weekly basis.
  • We are currently developing video software also so that we can try to deliver a weekly video tutorial in each subject at KS4, please await further notice.


Further guidance specifically around COVID-19

As a school we fully understand the level of concern in our community, in particular where family members and elderly relatives have underlying medical conditions that are considered high risk. If you find yourself in this position you of course have a difficult decision to make about the best thing for your family and as such, please follow the latest information from the government so that you can make informed decisions.


We want to keep our school community as safe as possible so are offering the following guidance for our families in relation to their children attending Norham High School.


  1. Children with Symptoms
  • The current guidance is that symptoms of coronavirus are:
  • A high temperature 
  • A new continuous cough
  • Parents / carers must contact NHS online or 111 if they want help to determine if their child is poorly before they send them in to school.
  1. Self-Isolation is now 14 days for a household displaying any symptoms, self-isolation is no longer just for individuals who display symptoms.
  2. Parents / carers are advised where possible to use the phone for school queries to the office and to limit presenting themselves in person. In short, we are going to try and reduce all non-essential visitors to the school.
  3. Parents / carers should adopt the 2m rule when in public– the so-called ‘social distancing’ rule. Please adhere to this rule as much as you possibly can in your day to day business at school and home life. The warning is now not to attend pubs, theatres or restaurants.


Please contact the school using the following methods:-


Our new telephone number is 0191 814 3890. 




Facebook Messenger – use the Norham High School account


Norham Head Teacher - Facebook Messenger account Norham Head


We want to take the opportunity to wish all of our community well in these times, stay safe and look after each other!

Norham Head Teacher

Mr Conway