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on Free School Meal VOUCHERS


Free School Meal eCodes will be emailed to your registered email address , normally by the end of Monday of each week

If it is not in your inbox, please also check your Spam or Trash folder.

Follow the instructions within the email to convert the eCode to an eVoucher.


If you have not received your code, for the week (this could take up until Tuesday morning) - please email 


If you have received your eCode and have successfully converted this to a eGiftCard but have not received the eGiftcard - 

Firstly, check your junk mail folder and trash.  If you've received no email, it is possible that you have entered your email address incorrectly at checkout.

 Please contact



Feedback has been very positive, although we have seen national reports of some people having difficulties using the eVoucher when in store.

EdenRed are working hard to rectify this situation and are doing all they can to support this unprecedented situation and demand on their systems.



  • Check your inbox and spam folder for your eCode
  • If you have more than one student entitled to FSM at Norahm - you will receive multiple codes (one for each child) in one email. However they may have been sent as separate emails, please check carefully.
  • If you have children at another school, entitled to FSM, you will receive an email, with an eCode, from their school as well
  • Try to access the EdenRed website, to convert your eCode into an eVoucher, at an "off Peak time" - evenings or early morning.
  • When you arrive at your chosen supermarket, try to speak to a member of customer services to check that the code system is working in that store, before you get to the tills


Our view of the facts and what we think you need to know:
Every child entitled to a FSM at Norham will be entitled to a voucher that allows the parent / carer to buy food for their child.
The voucher will be issued weekly (starting w/b 20/04/20) and will then continue to be issued on the Monday of each week.
Each voucher is worth £15 as the voucher is meant to supply lunches for 1 whole week and is worth more than the actual cash value of a Free School Meal – so children and families benefit!
Vouchers can be combined or used separately and act like gift cards (the whole value does not need to be used all at once)
YOU can then claim vouchers for each child from the same or different supermarkets.
This means if there were twins at Norham YOU could claim £30 for TESCO or £15 for TESCO and £15 for ASDA (The same should apply where a child at Norham has a sibling in a Primary School).
Vouchers usually last for 1 month but please check each voucher, they do not need to be used on the day of issue.


You MUST have an email address, anyone with a social media account such as Face Book already has one, but, if you are unsure of what this is and cannot find it you can easily create one via gmail, MSN (Hotmail), Yahoo etc – this takes approximately 3 minutes and all you need is a mobile phone so that the e-mail company can TEXT you a verification code to prove the email is linked to the phone you own.

If you are still struggling to set up an e-mail, please contact your child's Head of Year.


If you have created/updated your email or have not been contacted by Norham staff to confirm your email address, please TEXT your details, child/s name and your email address to our school mobile on 07734 256 352 or email


Please take care, stay safe, protect the NHS.
Mr Conway and Norham High School