Online payment through ParentPay

This online payment system is quick and easy to set up. It’ll keep you informed about your child's purchases, the balance on their account, and when to top-up. 

To access ParentPay, please click below

ParentPay - Information for Parents


Free School Meal students

Our new cashless system is designed to work the same for all students regardless of free school meal entitlement.

Students who are entitled to free school meals will not be highlighted at the till.

All student accounts are accessed at the tills using exactly the same manner regardless of their entitlement.


What data will we hold?

If you choose to pay through ParentPay, they will hold details of your email address and your child's name, year group and class.

The system will also record if a student is eligible for free school meals.

All your data will be handled according to the General Data Protection Regulations and North Tyneside Councils rigorous standards for data handling.




Why does it say lunches are £5?

Lunches are £2.20 for a meal deal, the wording on parent Pay is WRONG and it should say "we suggest you add £5" - of course, you can actually add any amount you want!


I added money but then it disappears - why?

Parent Pay has A MAIN ACCOUNT that you see, when you add money to this, you can see the money. But then it looks like it has disappeared! 

This is because there is a second account for school meals that the money you add is then sent to automatically! This second account is the one that payment for schools meals is taken from.

While this seems strange, it is because you can add a third, fourth, fifth account (etc.) to pay for school trips, uniform.... the list goes on!  (We may use this next year to pay for uniform as this really helped parents / carers this year)


It says the date of birth is wrong and / or I have been locked out from setting up the account - why?

You must use the date of birth for every child as the 1st of September 2020.

If you are locked out, it resets after 20 minutes and you can log back in or try to create your account again. 


Why can I not see what my child is ordering? It says they have not ordered anything!

This has not yet been activated by the LA / Parent Pay as they want to resolve the other issues first!