“Young carers are children and young people who often take on practical

and or emotional caring responsibilities that would normally be expected of an adult.”



Support in School

Norham is committed to supporting Young Carers in our school. There is a young carers group, which is led by Mrs Palmer. The group meet up once a fortnight.

It is a great opportunity for all young carers in Norham to share experiences, support each other as well as having time to relax. 


Young Carers Room @ Norham

Our Young Carers group have been given their own room within school. This is for them to use when meeting up for their fortnightly group, relax, chat and access computers for school work.

The group are currently completing level 1 Key Fund where they will hopefully receive £250 to buy furniture and paint for the room. This is a project they are all very excited about. We will keep you all posted on how our room is shaping up!

Our Ideas


Art Work On Tour!

We have been working with other Young Carers in North Tyneside to produce this piece of art work in celebration of Young Carers week.